Football Greats – 1

There is contention among the current football fans that Messi or Ronaldo are the all time best or better than Pele. Pele being the benchmark all along the history of FIFA cups. He is for football what Ali is for boxing or Bruce Lee for Karate or Usain Bolt for Athletics. You might score more goals or victories than them but you cannot match their charisma and contribution to the game.

Brazil in its early days or even in the late eighties with greats like Socrates, Zico, Julio Cesar etc., wanted to play the best football and entertain, winning was a by-product for them. The formations went for a toss when they attacked with defenders starting the wave of attack culminating in goals.

The new Brazil is teetering in teamwork. Team needs to play together more, adopt the German strategy of localized clubs.

To be continued…



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